Friday, September 18, 2009


I recently read a blog ( about connecting with other women. This was my comment:

It is refreshing to hear someone put these feeling into words. I have lived in the city I’m in for over 2 years and still do not have the close friends I so desire and that I had at my previous residence. Reading your blog helps me to know that I am NOT crazy! Thanks for the encouragement and the hope that I can and “will” find others like me that I can connect with. I work full-time and as my boys get older, my life gets busier but girlfriends are SO important to me that I HAVE to make time for them! I hope you keep busy with many friend visits!

I was the 13th comment on this blog entry which tells me I am not alone! I guess I just needed to add an entry to my lonely blog that doesn't see me much and this is what was on my heart! Thanks to all those women that have touched my heart! Call me and we will get together soon!!