Friday, September 18, 2009


I recently read a blog ( about connecting with other women. This was my comment:

It is refreshing to hear someone put these feeling into words. I have lived in the city I’m in for over 2 years and still do not have the close friends I so desire and that I had at my previous residence. Reading your blog helps me to know that I am NOT crazy! Thanks for the encouragement and the hope that I can and “will” find others like me that I can connect with. I work full-time and as my boys get older, my life gets busier but girlfriends are SO important to me that I HAVE to make time for them! I hope you keep busy with many friend visits!

I was the 13th comment on this blog entry which tells me I am not alone! I guess I just needed to add an entry to my lonely blog that doesn't see me much and this is what was on my heart! Thanks to all those women that have touched my heart! Call me and we will get together soon!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Storm

I read in Acts recently about Paul, when he was being transported to Rome by boat (of course by boat, that was the only form of transportation across water at that time!). While they were sailing, they ran smack dab into a hurricane. Now the ships crew began to panic. They started to throw their supplies over board and anything else they thought was heavy and unnecessary since they were sure they were going to die. During the storm, Paul speaks up and tells the crew that he had a dream (vision) from God and as long as everyone stayed on the boat, they would survive. If even one man jumped overboard, they were sure to perish, but if they all held on and stuck it out, they would survive. Then he told them to eat and sure enough they did shipwreck on an island, but not one man perished.

This is how life is at times and when I feel like jumping ship, I think of this passage and pray that God will help me to eat and wait until the boat comes to a stop. It may be a rough stop, even a shipwreck, but I will still be alive! I will have made it and I will know that I was protected through it all. I HATE the storms in life and lately it seems like the hurricane is stagnant, but if I look to His Word, I know that He will protect me if I keep my trust in Him. God please give me the strength I need, I pray!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

My New Adventure

God is so amazing. I know you already knew that, but sometimes when you can see Him move in your life (at least me), you feel special and loved. Not that I don't feel loved by God, that isn't what I'm saying. Ok, this is coming out wrong. I just want to give glory to my God for the great thing He has done in my life!!!

Onto my adventure. Well, I have turned in my resignation at my current employer and am embarking on a new adventure. One that is very unfamiliar and outside of my comfort zone but God opened the door and I am happily walking thorough it with the confidence that if He knows I can do this then I can. I can do all things through Christ!!

Here is the story: On Monday I applied for an Admin. Asst. job I saw online. By the end of the day I received an email back stating there would be two interview times the next day. That was quick and it kinda made me nervous cause in my current job, the end of the month is the busiest and the date was June 30th. Thanks to God, it was no problem to duck out for a couple of hours and attend the 10 am session. It was a group interview with eight women including myself. Now, I've never been in a group interview before so I wasn't sure what to expect. The employer apologized for the group setting but explained that over 200 people applied for the job and since he needed someone soon, this was the easiest way he could see to weed people out. I can totally understand!

So the process took one hour of talking around a conference table and ended with a tour of the campus. The interview was enlightening, for me at least. I went into it thinking that I would love to have a job where I could multi-task and keep myself busy and walked out thinking this could be the kind of job that would make me feel as though I am helping the community and not just get a paycheck. It opened my eyes to see other opportunities for this fulfillment. I always figured I would have to work in a ministry setting or a church to feel as though my job was helping someone other than myself. Even with this revelation, I wasn't sure what the outcome would be. I felt there were women in the room that were more qualified and some that were less qualified. No one else had experience in the same industry as me.

I returned to work and received another email before the 3pm interview session. It said that I had made it to the next level and that he would like me to come in for a second interview. I was very excited and replied with a convenient time but also said that if that didn't work for him, then I could be flexible.

I left for the day and later that evening, I checked my email and had a reply from him. It stated that he wanted me to call him to have a discussion. I figured the time I gave him from the previous email was not good and we could reschedule so I told him such when I called him back. He said that was not the case and that he wanted ME for the position. Yes, you heard that right! No second interview, just come in to discuss salary and benefits and whether or not I would accept the position.

Now, this was crazy! I was in shock and really couldn't speak! When I could finally speak, all I could say was, "Thank you!" He had two GROUP interview sessions with who knows how many people and with NO second individual interviews he picked ME! Now, if that isn't God, I don't know what you would call it!

I went back to see him on Wednesday evening and accepted the position. I did ask him how many attended the 3 pm session and he told me 15. So out of 23 people, he picked ME. Yes, I think I am still in shock and am so thankful to God for giving me this opportunity! I will be embarking on a new adventure into uncharted territory for me, but I am confident and excited. I will start on Monday, July 13th.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I am reading in Acts now and am on chapter 2. The is an evangelist coming to our church next week and we will be having a week long revival. How fitting that the Lord would have me to read this passage just before this revival!

Jesus has just ascended to heaven and as the disciples are gathered in the Upper Room for the Passover, the Holy Spirit descends upon them. Many witnesses are confused with the disciples speaking in others tongues yet every nationality that is in Jerusalem can understand what they are saying in their own native language. Peter decides to explain to them what is happening. He starts with a history lesson about prophesy of the last days. Then he talks about how David foretold the death and resurrection of Christ. He tells them that Jesus had to go so that the Holy Spirit could come. Many are touched by God and ask what they need to do to be saved. Peter lets them know that they need to repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus but then he also warns them to save themselves from the corrupt generation. People, that is us today!! We are in a corrupt generation and we NEED to save ourselves from it. How do we do this? Well, just read the Scripture.

The passage goes on to say that the new believers began to meet daily to learn from the apostles. They meet and broke bread and prayed. They shared what they had with others so that no one was in need. They were HAPPY and enjoyed the favor of the people. God continued to add believers and the apostles did many miracles.

How I would love to be able to meet with my Christian friends daily to break bread and pray. This is what the early Christians did in order to save themselves from the corrupt generation. I hate that life is so BUSY! My desire for godly relationships stems from this idea of living in favor of people and saving myself from this world that tries to pull me in.

God, show me the way to these relationships. Help me to not be too busy to make time for fellowship and breaking bread and praying with fellow Christians. This is so important for the church today.

So in light of the upcoming revival, my prayer is that we don't just count the souls that are coming to God, but remember the relationship that MUST follow the salvation and repentance or else it really is almost for nothing. I pray that the church is ready for the discipleship and that God would prepare the hearts of those going out and those coming in for the life of discipleship and a life of living for Jesus!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Land's End Giveaway!

There is a Land's End Givaway over at Check it out and enter yourself to win one of three $100 gift cards. I am not currently a Land's End shopper but would love to become one!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Blog Book Sale

Welcome to my booksale

Thanks to Kristin at, I am a happy participant. I am a little early since it doesn't start until Thursday, but please preview what I have anyways!

Hello all! My blog is being difficult and will not allow me to post pictures so I created a movie (my first, I am so proud) to display the books I have for sale. Below you will find a list of the titles with descriptions and prices. All of the books are in excellent condition and have only been owned and read by me. Please email me ( if you wish to make a purchase and I will send you my PayPal information. The shipping cost per book will be $0.50.


1. True Light by Terri Blackstock (hardback) & Dawn's Light by Terri Blackstock (paperback)

Desc: This is book 3 & 4 in The Restoration Series. A crisis sweeps the entire planet back to the age before electricity. The Restoration Series follows the Branning Family and how they cope, will they hoard what they have or trust God to provide as their share?

Price: $10 for both books

2. Christmas Gifts from the Heart by Dolley Carlson (hardback)

Desc: SOLD


3. Tails of Love by vaious authors (paperback)

Desc: This book contains 4 stories where pets play matchmaker in modern love stories

Price: $3

4. When I am praising God by Anita Corrine Donihue (hardback)

Desc: Devotional thoughts on worship for women

Price: $3

5. Love Afloat by various artist (paperback)

Desc: Drifting hearts find safe harbor in 4 romantic novellas

Price: $3

6. Diary of God by Ron Rose (hardback)

Desc: SOLD

Price: SOLD

7. Prints Charming by Rebecca Seitz (paperback) & Sister's Ink by Rebecca Seitz (paperback) & Coming Unglued by Rebecca Seitz (paperback)

Desc: Prints Charming is the first novel by Rebecca Seitz that follow four women as they figure out life around a scrapbooking table. Sister's Ink and Coming Unglued are the first 2 books in the "Sister's Ink" series. They follow the lives of four sisters (not biological) and their journeys around their mother's scrapbook table. Book 3 is not currently out.

Price: all 3 for $15, each for $5

8. True Devotion by Dee Henderson (hardcover)

Desc: The man who killed her husband is back and the price of her new found love my be her life

Price: $4

9. Prayer Partners: Experience the Power of Agreement by Quin Sherrer and Ruthanne Garlock & The Crossings Circle of Prayer: A Journal for Your Journey (both hardback)

Desc: SOLD

Price: SOLD

10. Winner Take All by T. Davis Bunn (hardback)

Desc: A story of international intrigue involving a missing child and an embattled father who will stop at nothing to get her back.

Price: $4

11. Devotions for Debtors by Kristen Johnson Ingram (paperback)

Desc: SOLD


12. Thunder of Heaven by Ted Dekker (paperback)

Desc: This book is a Martyr's Song story spun from the events that happened at the end of WWII when a band of embittered soldiers played a cruel game with a peaceful village.

Price: $4

13. Montana by various artists (hardback)

Desc: a legacy of faith and love as the comforts of daily routine are threatened the characters will need to dig deep for a sustaining faith. Four novels in one book.

Price: $4

14. Does Your Man Have the Blues: Understanding Male Depression and How It Affects Your Relationship by Dr. David Hawkins (hardback-new)

Desc: see title above

Price: $3

15. Jimmy by Robert Whitlow (hardback-new)

Desc: A boy who is "special" is asked to testify as a defense witness during a criminal trial.

Price: $5

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I read John 12 this morning and it is the chapter about Larazus but I saw so much more than that. When you read it, you can see how much Jesus loved this family. When He arrived in Judea and saw Mary weeping, He also wept. The Scripture says He was "deeply moved" by her and the mourners saddness. I see this as a rare look into the life of Jesus that I haven't really seen before.

In my life, relationships are so important and I try to hold onto them as best as I can. They are hard and take a lot of work but are so worth it. I found it comforting to see my Lord, in all that He was trying to accomplish during the short time He was on this earth, had taken the time to make some true relationships. I only hope that in my crazy, everyday life, that I can have the same results. I want the relationships that last a lifetime. The ones where I can be my true self and share my joys and saddnesses with.

Thank you Jesus for being a real example to me and opening my eyes to another view of who You are! I love you!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Story Tote

I have had the itch to sew and gifts to give so this is my latest creation. It is a story tote. It tells the story of Noah's Ark.

This side shows the animals getting onto the ark and then the flood.

This side shows the dove with the leaf branch and then the animals getting off the ark onto dry land. My DH loves this bag and that makes me very happy. I hope the recipent will love it just as much!!

Here is another placemat and napkin tote I made for a friend that will be coming to see me from Louisiana this weekend. I may be giving her a preview, oh well!

There were 4 colors and I purchased all of them. I've already displayed the lime green and this is the turquoise one. I hope to finish the fushia pink and royal blue ones this summer.

The inside has two pockets and there is an outside pocket on each side. Remember, I will take orders if you want one. Just leave me a comment :)

Sunday, May 31, 2009


Our Memorial Day weekend was full of outdoors activities. My DH got the itch to landscape and he did such a great job. Check it out below.

This is our dog Tasha. She is a great dog even though there are times I wish we DIDN'T have a dog! If I had to have one, it would be her. Anyways, back to the yard, my DH bought some solar lamps and placed them around the driveway and in front of the house. You can kinda see them on the right side of this picture.

He is perfecting the front flower bed. Doesn't the red mulch look great? Yeah, I thought so too!

Of course, DH had to personalize it. I thought the "C" would have looked cheesy, but I kinda like it! What do you think?

Another area....

And from a different angle.
I must say that I was quite impressed and think that DH should consider landscaping as a second not really, but it is an advantage to owning a home and we are enjoying it! Thank you Lord for our beautiful home!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Vegetable Garden Update

Remeber when I posted the pictures of us planting our vegetable garden? Well look at it now. Isn't it beautiful? We cut lettuce tonight and DH says there are so many more veggie's we will be able to pick soon. He already wants to make the garden larger next year. I am so excited!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Awards Day

My #1 had his end of the year awards day.
Here he is patiently waiting for his awards (heehee)!

This is him getting his awards on stage. There was no graduation so the dress was casual!

#1 and his friends. I know he'll keep in touch over the Summer. We are so very proud of him and are excited that he will be going into the 7th grade. I just can't believe he is going to be a teenager in a couple of months, ahhhhhh!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Promotion Day

My #2 was promoted to middle school. He has completed his 5th grade year and is leaving the elementary school. I think he is quite excited to be going to the Jr. High! He will be with his big brother so that means I will be really busy with sports!

This is him getting his certificate from his teacher.

He got a Spirit Award!

Hanging out with his class. They played the recorder for a few songs to entertain us.

Awwww....him and his teacher. He is going to miss her.

Less of me

I was reading in John 3 this morning and the statement that John the Baptist made really impacted me!

John 3:
27To this John replied, "A man can receive only what is given him from heaven. 28You yourselves can testify that I said, 'I am not the Christ[j] but am sent ahead of him.' 29The bride belongs to the bridegroom. The friend who attends the bridegroom waits and listens for him, and is full of joy when he hears the bridegroom's voice. That joy is mine, and it is now complete. 30He must become greater; I must become less.
I want to become less so that God can become greater!!! I have finally got back into my morning "quiet time" routine and it is so refreshing. I attended a kids retreat a couple of weeks ago and God really touched me. He renewed my love for Him and time spent with Him. I needed to repent for being lazy and complacent. Plus, life really sucks when I am not in right relationship with God. He is so awesome and loves me so much that I am stupid not to spend time with Him and let Him show me what He has for me everyday. So, my quest is to continue to spend time with Him and grow in Him. To become less so that He can become more in my life.

The kids retreat really stirred my desire to get involved in ministry again. Last night I got to help our church prepare for VBS. Although I will not be able to be a volunteer the week of VBS, I was so glad to be of some service! It made me sad that I won't be able to volunteer since my heart really wants to be there but I am praying that God will make a way in the years to come!!

Thank you Father God for loving me so much. Thank you for sending Jesus to die so that I may have life and have it to the full. I desire more of You!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Spring Tote

While I was surfing the many blogs I enjoy reading, I stumbled upon a craft website ( that showed a tote made from place mates and tea towels. Well, I was hooked and had to go get one of these items to see if I could produce one too. The finished product is below and I must say, it's quite cute!!

There was a 2 place mat and 2 napkin set at Wal-Mart for $2.50. Then I purchased some ribbon for the handles and the tie. This was a very economical bag and so much fun.

The inside has two pockets and the outside has a pocket on each side.

Oh when, oh when am I going to open an Etsy store? I really need to. I would love to make money off of my love for sewing!

Friday, April 24, 2009


Do you watch the Food Network? Have you seen Bobby Flay's show "Throwdown with Bobby Flay"? If you answered yes, then you will understand this post. If you answered no, then hopefully you will try to watch in the future!
The competitors: Lisa Clark and Amy Comeaux (me!)

The product: Hostess Cupcakes

The Challenge: Loan Operations Throwdown

This was the set up (isn't it nice, I did it myself!). I purchased some milk because how can one eat chocolate cupcakes without milk?

The Judges: Two co-workers from the branch (which will remain nameless for identity's sake).
The Result: I lost by 3 points!!! But it was oh so much fun! I would do it again in a heartbeat. I knew I was going up against someone fierce as Lisa is a cake decorator and a good one. I have had such a love for baking recently that it was something I just had to do. I had co-workers taking home cupcakes to let their spouses judge.
I'll let you know if we ever do it again. Until then, enjoy the pictures and dream of how good they tasted!! :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

DH's Daddy Funeral

My DH's Daddy passed away on Monday after a month long hospital stay from his third stroke. He was 68 years old and lived a really good life. We are back in South Louisiana staying with family, which is best for DH right now. Thanks to everyone for your prayers during this trying time and please continue to pray for DH's family.

Here is the link to the Funeral Home's Website and the obituary for DH's Dad:

Saturday, April 4, 2009

16th Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday was my 16th Wedding Anniversary. God has brought us so far and I am so thankful! Below are the gifts we gave to each other:

I got DH candy since that is his most favorite thing. I had fun finding a way to wrap it up where he wouldn't know what the heck it was. He was suprised and that was fun.

I told DH I wanted flowers and he didn't disappoint! Tulips are my favorite and he actually made the arrangement himself because he didn't like what was pre-made. He did a great job!
We got married on my Mom's Birthday so the plan was for everyone to go out to dinner but DH got off really late. The boys went with my parents and DH and I went out to dinner alone. It was a new restaurant and one we will never try again but we enjoyed each others company. I look forward to many more years together!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Large "beach" Bag

I have an order from a friend to create a bag large enough for her to put the 8X11 jewelry carrying kit into. Well, I've never done a bag like that so I needed to practice. Below is the bag I created this weekend. It is too large for what she needs, but it did turn out pretty. DH loved it and said we will have to bring it to the beach with us if we get to go this Summer!

The inside inspired the yellow handles and I think it goes well! By the way, I am not too attached so if you are interested, I will sell it for $30. Just leave me a comment with contact information. I plan to open an Etsy store in the future to display my handiwork! I'll let you know when I do!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Awana Derby Night

Last night was the Awana Derby Night at our church. The boys took 4 weeks to create their cars. They cut them out and painted them. It was so much fun and the whole church was invited to attend and watch the race. I must say, the ones who ran it were uber organized and everything flowed great! I am looking forward to next year already!

This is #2's car. I love the smiley face!
This is #1's car. It's a corvette (I think).

Here is the track the church was able to borrow and the crowd was much larger than it shows. The kids got to sit on bleachers close to the track while the adults were seated in the back! Too much fun :)

Monday, March 30, 2009

He likes it, he really likes it!

I have had so much fun reading all the frugal blogs and learning how to make so many things we eat from scratch. However, getting my family on board has not been as fun! The kids are much easier to convert since they have to eat what I give them but DH is used to "store bought" items. Well, I think I've finally found something I can make from scratch that DH likes and I feel that it is cause for celebration!

So, I am celebrating "homemade bagel day". I made a batch yesterday and I only have this one lonely one left! Yay! I hope this encourages all the other Mom's who are trying to be frugal and making their everyday breads and snacks from scratch. I will continue to try and convert DH while I have fun and save money!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

God's Will is not our will

I know it's been a while since I've written and I am sorry! Life has gotten the better of me. Anyways, DH is back at work and God has really done a work in his life during the time he was off of work.

Now we are facing another crisis as DH's dad is in the hospital after having another stroke. He is still in a coma so we are heading down to see him. We decided to keep the kids at home with Nana and Papa so it's just us. We so appreciate all the prayers from our friends and I will try to keep everyone updated through here.

It's amazing to see God work through our trials. We have been so blessed financially and these times have brought me and DH closer together. We continue to lean on Him and look forward to see what good will come from this (Romans 8:28).

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

DH Update

I just wanted to let everyone know that my DH is home from the hospital but still out of work. His knee is still swollen but the rest of his leg is better. He is terribly bored but has been cleaning and cooking so that makes me happy :)

Please keep him in your prayers. Pray that he heals soon and gets to return to work. Pray that God will provide the finances for us to pay the bills.

Thanks to everyone who has kept us in your prayers. They mean more than you know! God is faithful and has and will continue to carry us through this trial. Like the Word says, trials make us stronger! We love all of you!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hospital Days

This has been our life for the past few days. DH started to get a bacterial infection on Sunday, we went to the Dr. on Monday and he was put on antibiotics. By Tuesday afternoon, the swelling in his left leg was getting worse so we went back to Dr. The Dr. suggested that DH go to the hospital and we have been there ever since.

Here is the inside of his leg. Below it's the outside of his leg.

It just started to blister today. I think you could get a better idea if I had the good and bad legs together cause this view doesn't look swollen, but believe me, it is swollen. We still don't know when he is going home but we do know the antibiotics are working thanks to his blood work. Please keep us in your prayers and I will keep you updated on when he gets to go home!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Baking Day

I had Monday off for Presidents Day and had plans to spend the day baking snacks for the kids (and parents too)!

This is my finished product presented to my kids. Pretty, isn't it?

I baked Italian Bread from the recipe on the back of the Break Making Flour. It came out crispy and delicious!

I made Rice Crispy Treats from a recipe by Ellie Kreiger (Food Network). It is made with peanut butter and honey so it's healthier. They are good but they don't stick together well!

I packaged the crispy treats for easy take and eat consumption. Plus, I am hoping it will keep them fresh too!
Ok, these pictures are not cooperating and I cannot switch the order so you will see the finished product before the finished snacks! I made personalized labels for the granola bars. They have the date on them and are packaged in foil to keep them fresh.
This is the granola bars before I wraped them. They are Chocolate Chip Granola Bars.
This is my homemade label for my Amish Friendship Bread. It is just so yummy! See the bread below!

So here is to another successful baking day! I love to bake, I take after my Daddy! Enjoy and let me know if you want any of the recipes...I'll be happy to share :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Resolution Update

One of my 101 things to do in 1001 days was to read one book per month. Well, I have just finished reading "The Secret Life of Becky Miller" by Sharon Hinck. It was such a cute book about a stay-at-home mom who is trying to handle life.

She has 3 kids, one in school, one in pre-school and one under 1 year. Her husband gets news that he may be laid off and he is the only income for their family. She has developed and kept a successful Women's Ministry at her church. She has a very strong prayer group that meets once per week to have devotions and prayer.

Her church decided to hire a full-time Women's Ministry Leader and it isn't her. She is devestated. Then her husband does get laid off. She is asked to be featured in a Women's monthly magazine but doesn't feel worthy. It is a great tail of what other's see in her that she doesn't and how she realizes that she doesn't have to do it all!

It is fun and her imagination is creative as she daydreams of life as a superhero to get away from her crazy life.

I think my snyopsis is probably scattered, but it really is a fun book if you want a light read. It is also the beginning of a series so I am excited to read the next book.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Disney has a promotion for 2009 – get in free on your Birthday. My Birthday fell on a Saturday this year so why not take advantage? I invited a girlfriend and we were off last Friday, headed to Orlando, FL. It’s a 9 hour trip but with two ladies chit chatting, the time sure did fly!

We left on Friday, checked into our hotel and then headed to Downtown Disney. I had never eaten at the Rainforest Café so that is where we decided to eat Dinner. The experience was fun and entertaining. The next morning, we ate breakfast at Starbucks and then headed to Epcot (my favorite park).

We started our day in Future World, rode all the rides and headed to World Showcase to eat lunch in Mexico. Amazingly, we completed all the countries in 5 hours, it took my family of 5 two days to complete the park. We had enough time to head back to Future World to see the shows we didn’t have time for that morning. We planned to eat dinner in Japan since I have never eaten Japanese or seen a Hibachi Grill. We arrived at the restaurant and didn’t have advanced reservations so we had to wait one hour.

I brought my liquid Tylenol (I cannot swallow pills) but it got lost in the car so I didn’t bring it into the park with me. I started feeling bad on Thursday before our trip like a cold was coming on and I started the day with a rum-dum headache. It progressed throughout the day and by the time we got to eat dinner, I had a migraine and was very nauseous. The show was great and I ate the first course, but by the time my entrée ($27 steak) was cooked, I was too sick to eat. My dinner ended with the waitress bringing me a piece tiramisu with a candle, a paper chef hat and Happy Birthday sung to me in Japanese. I so wish I would have felt better to enjoy it.

My girlfriend was so great! She lead me through the park to our car, drove to Walgreens to get medicine and then to the hotel. I was so upset that she was unable to watch Illuminations (the Epcot finale show)! It’s so beautiful and she has never seen it. But I thank God for such good friends!

She dropped me off at the outside door to the hotel and she parked the car. I made it to our room and into the bathroom and tried everything I could not to throw up. I have a phobia of throwing up and haven’t done it in about 15 years. During this time, my friend came and went a couple of time which seemed odd. I made it into bed (without throwing up) and she came back and told me that she had locked the keys in the car.

At about 1:30am I woke up and the nausea was gone but my head was still pounding. I changed from my clothes into my PJ’s and took my Tylenol. Sunday morning I felt much better! My girlfriend jumped into fix it mode and worked on getting our car unlocked. Thanks to her husband and AAA, we were back on the road by 10 am.

We had a blast and have decided we will make it an annual trip. We will hit 4 parks in 4 years. Next year, I will bring my Tylenol into the park and she promises to not lock the keys in the car. Sorry that I don’t have any pictures, she was the camera person and will get me a CD this weekend. Until then, see ya!

Menu Plan Monday

Well, it's better late than never, right? Here is my menu for this week in no particular order:

Pork Roast, Potatoes & Veggie
Dirty Rice & Sasuage
Pizza Loaf
BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches
Shrimp & Pasta
Left Overs

I was sick on Tuesday but managed to grocery shop. I didn't cook so one of these meals will carry over into next week. Have a great week and try to eat dinner together, we do at least 3 times per week :)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Yes, I do realize it's Tuesday and I am a day late, but better late than never, right?

Tuesday - Taco's
Wednesday - Eggs, Sasuage & Potatoes
Thursday - Potato Soup

(I am going to Disney World for my Birthday with a great friend - Feb. 7th - so I will be gone Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I had to find easy meals for my boys)

Friday - Pizza
Saturday - Shrimp Po-Boys (by request from DH)
Sunday - Spaghetti

Monday - Left Overs (cause you know I will tired from my short but GREAT trip)

Enjoy your week of eating and try to eat together as a family, it is so much fun :)

Super Bowl Sunday

Wow, what a game, don't you think? We had the pleasure to spend Super Bowl Sunday with friends. The only catch is that we were rooting for the opposite team. This creates a very fun challenge for DH and so he went all out!

I know, he's kinda scary, but he is harmless really! The mowhawk was great! My DH is so creative! #2 got in on the action too. Too bad our team lost :(

Well, until next year!