Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hospital Days

This has been our life for the past few days. DH started to get a bacterial infection on Sunday, we went to the Dr. on Monday and he was put on antibiotics. By Tuesday afternoon, the swelling in his left leg was getting worse so we went back to Dr. The Dr. suggested that DH go to the hospital and we have been there ever since.

Here is the inside of his leg. Below it's the outside of his leg.

It just started to blister today. I think you could get a better idea if I had the good and bad legs together cause this view doesn't look swollen, but believe me, it is swollen. We still don't know when he is going home but we do know the antibiotics are working thanks to his blood work. Please keep us in your prayers and I will keep you updated on when he gets to go home!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Baking Day

I had Monday off for Presidents Day and had plans to spend the day baking snacks for the kids (and parents too)!

This is my finished product presented to my kids. Pretty, isn't it?

I baked Italian Bread from the recipe on the back of the Break Making Flour. It came out crispy and delicious!

I made Rice Crispy Treats from a recipe by Ellie Kreiger (Food Network). It is made with peanut butter and honey so it's healthier. They are good but they don't stick together well!

I packaged the crispy treats for easy take and eat consumption. Plus, I am hoping it will keep them fresh too!
Ok, these pictures are not cooperating and I cannot switch the order so you will see the finished product before the finished snacks! I made personalized labels for the granola bars. They have the date on them and are packaged in foil to keep them fresh.
This is the granola bars before I wraped them. They are Chocolate Chip Granola Bars.
This is my homemade label for my Amish Friendship Bread. It is just so yummy! See the bread below!

So here is to another successful baking day! I love to bake, I take after my Daddy! Enjoy and let me know if you want any of the recipes...I'll be happy to share :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Resolution Update

One of my 101 things to do in 1001 days was to read one book per month. Well, I have just finished reading "The Secret Life of Becky Miller" by Sharon Hinck. It was such a cute book about a stay-at-home mom who is trying to handle life.

She has 3 kids, one in school, one in pre-school and one under 1 year. Her husband gets news that he may be laid off and he is the only income for their family. She has developed and kept a successful Women's Ministry at her church. She has a very strong prayer group that meets once per week to have devotions and prayer.

Her church decided to hire a full-time Women's Ministry Leader and it isn't her. She is devestated. Then her husband does get laid off. She is asked to be featured in a Women's monthly magazine but doesn't feel worthy. It is a great tail of what other's see in her that she doesn't and how she realizes that she doesn't have to do it all!

It is fun and her imagination is creative as she daydreams of life as a superhero to get away from her crazy life.

I think my snyopsis is probably scattered, but it really is a fun book if you want a light read. It is also the beginning of a series so I am excited to read the next book.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Disney has a promotion for 2009 – get in free on your Birthday. My Birthday fell on a Saturday this year so why not take advantage? I invited a girlfriend and we were off last Friday, headed to Orlando, FL. It’s a 9 hour trip but with two ladies chit chatting, the time sure did fly!

We left on Friday, checked into our hotel and then headed to Downtown Disney. I had never eaten at the Rainforest Café so that is where we decided to eat Dinner. The experience was fun and entertaining. The next morning, we ate breakfast at Starbucks and then headed to Epcot (my favorite park).

We started our day in Future World, rode all the rides and headed to World Showcase to eat lunch in Mexico. Amazingly, we completed all the countries in 5 hours, it took my family of 5 two days to complete the park. We had enough time to head back to Future World to see the shows we didn’t have time for that morning. We planned to eat dinner in Japan since I have never eaten Japanese or seen a Hibachi Grill. We arrived at the restaurant and didn’t have advanced reservations so we had to wait one hour.

I brought my liquid Tylenol (I cannot swallow pills) but it got lost in the car so I didn’t bring it into the park with me. I started feeling bad on Thursday before our trip like a cold was coming on and I started the day with a rum-dum headache. It progressed throughout the day and by the time we got to eat dinner, I had a migraine and was very nauseous. The show was great and I ate the first course, but by the time my entrée ($27 steak) was cooked, I was too sick to eat. My dinner ended with the waitress bringing me a piece tiramisu with a candle, a paper chef hat and Happy Birthday sung to me in Japanese. I so wish I would have felt better to enjoy it.

My girlfriend was so great! She lead me through the park to our car, drove to Walgreens to get medicine and then to the hotel. I was so upset that she was unable to watch Illuminations (the Epcot finale show)! It’s so beautiful and she has never seen it. But I thank God for such good friends!

She dropped me off at the outside door to the hotel and she parked the car. I made it to our room and into the bathroom and tried everything I could not to throw up. I have a phobia of throwing up and haven’t done it in about 15 years. During this time, my friend came and went a couple of time which seemed odd. I made it into bed (without throwing up) and she came back and told me that she had locked the keys in the car.

At about 1:30am I woke up and the nausea was gone but my head was still pounding. I changed from my clothes into my PJ’s and took my Tylenol. Sunday morning I felt much better! My girlfriend jumped into fix it mode and worked on getting our car unlocked. Thanks to her husband and AAA, we were back on the road by 10 am.

We had a blast and have decided we will make it an annual trip. We will hit 4 parks in 4 years. Next year, I will bring my Tylenol into the park and she promises to not lock the keys in the car. Sorry that I don’t have any pictures, she was the camera person and will get me a CD this weekend. Until then, see ya!

Menu Plan Monday

Well, it's better late than never, right? Here is my menu for this week in no particular order:

Pork Roast, Potatoes & Veggie
Dirty Rice & Sasuage
Pizza Loaf
BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches
Shrimp & Pasta
Left Overs

I was sick on Tuesday but managed to grocery shop. I didn't cook so one of these meals will carry over into next week. Have a great week and try to eat dinner together, we do at least 3 times per week :)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Yes, I do realize it's Tuesday and I am a day late, but better late than never, right?

Tuesday - Taco's
Wednesday - Eggs, Sasuage & Potatoes
Thursday - Potato Soup

(I am going to Disney World for my Birthday with a great friend - Feb. 7th - so I will be gone Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I had to find easy meals for my boys)

Friday - Pizza
Saturday - Shrimp Po-Boys (by request from DH)
Sunday - Spaghetti

Monday - Left Overs (cause you know I will tired from my short but GREAT trip)

Enjoy your week of eating and try to eat together as a family, it is so much fun :)

Super Bowl Sunday

Wow, what a game, don't you think? We had the pleasure to spend Super Bowl Sunday with friends. The only catch is that we were rooting for the opposite team. This creates a very fun challenge for DH and so he went all out!

I know, he's kinda scary, but he is harmless really! The mowhawk was great! My DH is so creative! #2 got in on the action too. Too bad our team lost :(

Well, until next year!

Pottery Night

A few of us girls got together a couple of Friday's ago and met at a Paint Your Own Pottery Studio. I hadn't done this in years. The last time I was in a studio like this, I was home schooling and went with a large home school group to create Father's Day gifts. I forgot how much fun it was. We were only there for a few hours and when the studio says closing hours, it means it! So my creation is below. I not too impressed by it, I can see all the blemishes but my boys like it so it's ok. I have been enjoying using it.

I am looking forward to going again soon. I want to bring my boys but probably not all at the same time as it is kind of costly. Wanna come and join me next time? I would love the company!!