Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Storm

I read in Acts recently about Paul, when he was being transported to Rome by boat (of course by boat, that was the only form of transportation across water at that time!). While they were sailing, they ran smack dab into a hurricane. Now the ships crew began to panic. They started to throw their supplies over board and anything else they thought was heavy and unnecessary since they were sure they were going to die. During the storm, Paul speaks up and tells the crew that he had a dream (vision) from God and as long as everyone stayed on the boat, they would survive. If even one man jumped overboard, they were sure to perish, but if they all held on and stuck it out, they would survive. Then he told them to eat and sure enough they did shipwreck on an island, but not one man perished.

This is how life is at times and when I feel like jumping ship, I think of this passage and pray that God will help me to eat and wait until the boat comes to a stop. It may be a rough stop, even a shipwreck, but I will still be alive! I will have made it and I will know that I was protected through it all. I HATE the storms in life and lately it seems like the hurricane is stagnant, but if I look to His Word, I know that He will protect me if I keep my trust in Him. God please give me the strength I need, I pray!!

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