Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I read John 12 this morning and it is the chapter about Larazus but I saw so much more than that. When you read it, you can see how much Jesus loved this family. When He arrived in Judea and saw Mary weeping, He also wept. The Scripture says He was "deeply moved" by her and the mourners saddness. I see this as a rare look into the life of Jesus that I haven't really seen before.

In my life, relationships are so important and I try to hold onto them as best as I can. They are hard and take a lot of work but are so worth it. I found it comforting to see my Lord, in all that He was trying to accomplish during the short time He was on this earth, had taken the time to make some true relationships. I only hope that in my crazy, everyday life, that I can have the same results. I want the relationships that last a lifetime. The ones where I can be my true self and share my joys and saddnesses with.

Thank you Jesus for being a real example to me and opening my eyes to another view of who You are! I love you!!

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  1. That's beautiful. I'm thankful for our relationship. I love you and your family. I'm sorry when I am preoccupied and don't invest in what we have. Miss you.