Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Just A Question?

I am so sorry it has been so long since I've written!! :(

Ever since my "new adventure" (, I have just been too busy to do things I would like to. This has prompted me to ask the following question:

  • How many Christian Women in the Chattanooga area would be interested in starting a monthly Bible Study?

Let me give you some history....when I lived in S. Louisiana, I had a great group of girlfriends and we were not involved in a weekly Bible Study aside from Sunday and Wednesday's. So, we decided to start one ourselves. Now, I am attending a new church and loving it but just don't have time to attend any service except for Sunday and that doesn't give me a chance to make the bonding relationships I long for. Anyways, back to the history. We would come together on a Saturday once per month. The "Hostess" would prepare the lesson, breakfast or snack and a small gift that coinsided with the lesson. We would gather for a couple of hours and study, talk and pray for one another. There were four of us. It was a great time I looked forward to every month.

When I hosted, I prepared cookies for a cookie exchange. I prepared a study on marriage from a book I had in my personal library. I created prayer books out of composition books and scrapbook paper, sewed easy totes, purchased pretty file folders and pretty pens. It was our first meeting so I was setting up these packages to be the "kit" for our future meetings. It was really inexpensive and I had 30 days to prepare.

I shared this idea with one of the women in my current Sunday School class, but she already attends a morning Bible Study during the week. So I decided to put this on my blog and see if I get any comments from women who live in the Chattanooga area that I may or may not know. If I get responses from women I do not know, maybe we could meet at a public place first. Let me know what you think!!

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