Sunday, October 14, 2012

Day 1: Burgers, Potato Wedges and Affogato

Today is day 1 and it was a hit! Yay!  If you own Melissa D'Arabian's cookbook Ten Dollar Dinners, you can follow along as I will label the recipes with page numbers.

My plan was to cook three meals that added up to 5 dots on the chart Melissa uses in her book. The point of the dots is to equal her $10 dinners philosophy.  5 complete dots is a complete $10 dinner.  I have created menus that include 5 dots, but have gone over at times.

Tonight I decided to cook Grilled Two Cheese Burgers w/ Garlic Dressing (p. 193)
These are the ingredients for the burgers and the sauce (oops, I forgot the cheeses but I used fresh mozzarella and Parmesan cheese)

These are the burgers....they are BIG!

This sauce was have to try it at home!

Then the side dish: Spicy Buffalo-Style Potato Wedges (p. 243).  I left some plain since some of us don't like the spice of buffalo seasoning.

The finished product, yummo!!

Dessert was a new one for me but I am thankful that every member of my family likes coffee :)  It is called Affogato (p. 295) and basically is strong coffee or espresso poured over ice cream with chocolate.  I did not have a chunk of chocolate to shave so I used mini chocolate chips.
 I placed a bit of cinnamon in with the coffee grinds to make it taste extra special (and the recipe calls for it too, hee hee).
Dessert was amazing!

I am happy to report that my entire family enjoyed the entire meal! This is one for the books since I know that will not happen every time. 

My goal is to cook new recipes twice per week.  And there are 140 so I have my work cut out for me.  Until next time, happy eating!!

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