Friday, February 5, 2010


I told my DH that I would not post this story but it is just too good not to!!  In the future, this could turn out to be quite embarassing, but sometimes that is just what parents do, right?

Ok, here is the story:  I was in my local supermarket one evening this week and I spotted one of the cheerleaders from my boy's middle school.  I know this girl because last year she had a crush on #1.  As I approached the check out, her Mom told me she needed to ask me a question.  She wanted to know if I would allow #1 to go to the 8th grade dance with her daughter.  I must admit, I did know a little history of this situation and you will learn it as the story continues. 

I told this Mother that #1 did not want to go to the dance with her daughter because he had a girlfriend and did not want to hurt his girlfriend's feelings (I do not condone my boys having girlfriends but have learned that I can not prevent it either. That said, I try to inforce that God created my boys to like girls and that is natural.  However, the rules in our home state that my boys are not allowed to talk to girls on the phone, hold their hands or kiss them.  In my eyes, then why have a girlfriend????).  I was then informed by this girl that #1 and his girlfriend have broken up (WHAT?).  I did inform them that I find out all my information through one of #1's friends Mom's and that I did not that #1 and his girlfriend had broken up.

The Mom then asked me again if #1 could go to the dance with her daughter.  I did proceed to tell them that I was aware that this girl asked #1 to go.  Her response was, "I didn't ask him."  Hmmmm...interesting!  I asked her if she gave a note to #1 asking him to the dance and she agreed that she had.  I then told her that when I asked #1 about this (I learned this information from his friends Mom, remember?) he told me he threw the note away without reading it because he knew what it was going to say and he did not want to go to the dance with her.

The Mom again asked me if I would allow #1 to go (she is very persistant!).  I told her that #1's Dad and I had discussed it.  I told her that I didn't want him to go but that his Dad thought it was ok so we would have to discuss it some more and #1 would have to let her know.  This whole conversation was quite comical!

When I got home, I decided to talk to #1 in private (as not to embarrass him infront of his brother) about his love life.  I told him I had seen this girl in the store and about our conversation.  I asked him about the break-up with his girlfriend.  He confirmed that they had broken up.  When I asked why, he said she broke up with him because he was BORING!

HA! I was so excited to hear this I put my hands up for a high five (two of them actually)!  At this point, #1 was very confused as to why I was so excited! I told him that I was so proud that he was boring because if he wasn't then that would mean that he was paying too much attention to the girl and probably doing things he shouldn't be doing.  He still looked at me kind of funny but it didn't matter because I was so proud!!!

We ended the conversation with me telling him he shouldn't worry about girls anyways and he agreed! He even told his best friend that he didn't want a girlfriend and just wanted to concentrate on hanging out with his friends.  Wow, we might actually be doing something right in this game of parenting!! 

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