Sunday, January 18, 2009

DH's Birthday

Well I must say that DH had quite a Birthday this year! We traveled back home to Louisiana the first week of January and his Birthday fell in this week. We spend his Birthday day with his entire family (minus one brother). Then I was able to organize a dinner with several of our friends at a restaurant. There were 6 couples and close to 15 children. It was crazy but so much fun!

He needed help blowing out ALL those candles. Heehee!

This was a GAG gift that turned out bad. Our friends don't know DH that well and he sprayed this awful cologne ALL night! I had to eventually take it away!

DH's helper to open his presents!

Well, after that party I organized one with our friends here at home in Tennessee.

He looks sad, but really he IS having a good time :) Good food and good friends, who could ask for more? I think he was truely blessed.

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