Monday, January 19, 2009


Well, today is a day off, yay! It's a holiday, but to the kids, it's just another reason to not have to go to school. #1 is at a friends house and #2 has a friend over. #2 and his friend are the skateboarding type so I thought this would be a perfect time to tell you about our experience in Louisiana. We visited the local skate park in Lafayette (the boys really wanted to go) and it is unlike our Chattanooga park. For one, it's indoors (which is a must since Louisiana is so stankin humid) and it has different ramps and things. There are three extra large steps that #2 could jump easily and then there were 9 regular steps that he was contemplating jumping. As his mother who supports his ambition to want to go pro, I told him I knew that he could do it! There were some kids listening to me trying to pump him up and they couldn't believe I actually wanted him to try this. Well, it took him a while to psyche himself up but he did try it!!

#2 is the blur that you see in this picture in the striped shirt. Ok, this may not look high, but it was! He tried to land it three times but kept falling on one arm and I was afraid he was going to break it so at that point I needed to convince him to stop. His Dad had to help me but we convinced him to stop. I was so proud and so was he! He wants us to blow up this picture for him! I will keep up with the legacy that #2 will leave on the skateboarding world! We are very proud!

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