Monday, March 29, 2010

1st Time Playing Soccer

My #3 has never participated in any sports.  I think because he is the youngest and his brothers are so active in school sports, this was on over sight on DH and my part.  So, this year we asked him if he wanted to play soccer.  His oldest brother plays soccer and so #3 knows a little about the game.  We signed him up with our local YMCA.

This is #3 at practice.  The weather was COLD for me, that is why he is wearing a sweatshirt!  Yeah, I'm his mama!

This is him in his uniform.  He looks so cute and yet so big!

Getting warmed up on game day with his team.  He is #2, but you can't see it in this picture.
This is one of the better moments in the game.  Can you see him? Almost, right?!?! This is his first time playing so he really doesn't understand and really doesn't care.  But the coach said he has "heart" so I guess that is a good thing!  I hope as his team practices more, he will understand the game and really try to play right!

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