Sunday, March 14, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

DH and I went shopping at ALDI late last week and got a lot for a little :)  This was our first time shopping there and we liked what they had to offer.  We will definately go back.  Tonight we sat down and mapped out two weeks of meals so I can be prepared and ready to cook every night!

Monday - Ravoli w/ red sauce, salad, bread
Tuesday - Asian Meal: Tsotso chicken, egg rolls, fried rice & lomein
Wednesday - (church night) Fish Po Boys, seasoned fries
Thursday - Smothered pork chops, flavored noodles, veggie
Friday - Spaghetti & meatballs, salad, bread
Saturday - Beef roast, rice, veggie
Sunday - Hamburger Helper, veggie

The meals may not be eaten in the order above but we will be eating these meals this week! If you would like to see other menus, visit .


  1. How do you make your lomein? I have been looking for a worthwhile recipe for a while.

  2. Unfortunately, I am not making it from's a microwave lomein (yes, I am ashamed). So sorry :(

  3. Hi Amy! Found your site at Organizing Junkie - the menu looks great! (My hubby would LOVE it if I made Fish Po Boys for him!) I also recently discovered Aldi...been there four times now, each time got a cart overloaded with stuff, and have yet to pay over $85. LOVE IT!

  4. Welcome to MPM, so glad you joined us!!