Friday, March 19, 2010

I Feel Safe

During Sunday School last week, we had a discussion about whether or not you would truly rely on God if you were in a tight spot, like losing your job. We often have discussions in Sunday School and although we have been going a while and I am getting to know the other couples, I am still guarded. You see, I attended a woman's small group at another church and on more than one occasion would leave feeling like I wasn't a "good enough" Christian after opening up during a discussion.

On Sunday, one of our leaders expressed how when we, as Christians, are faced with trials, will we really take God at his Word? She said that it's not that we don't believe what the Word says; we just think that we may be the exception to the rule and therefore will not have the faith to rely fully on God. Others agreed and no one chastised her for not having enough faith. It was so refreshing and I was uplifted to know that I can be real here in this class amongst these real people and God can do amazing things in all of our lives. I felt safe!

I sent her an email thanking her for being real and allowing me to feel comfortable in this environment. Because really, isn't that the point of coming together anyways? To uplift and help each other in our walk with Christ? She responded with gratitude for my comments and then told me she was glad DH and I are in the class.

I feel blessed in be involved with a group of people, a body, a church that is here to help this hurting world with love and encouragement. I know that I plan on being more open in the future and look forward to God teaching me and helping me to receive from others while I grow closer to them because of it!

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